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Pavement Roadway Condition

Pavement Roadway Condition

Paved roadways in unincorporated Arapahoe County are routinely evaluated and given a numerical value from 1-100. This value is reduced based on the number of deficiencies like potholes, cracks, and the age of the road. A score of 100 represents a brand new road in perfect condition, while a zero requires completely rebuilding the roadway. The entire roadway network is then grouped into categories and classified as being Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Very Poor condition.

Roadways are an essential County asset that directly affects commerce, the safe travel of residents, and ultimately the quality of life for those who work, live, and play in Arapahoe County.  Roadways also have the largest amount of escalating repair costs because of delayed maintenance.

Medium – The County determines which roads receive maintenance each year. Current funding levels for County roadway maintenance limit the ability to bring 80% of roadways into the “Acceptable” condition.

The increased cost of delayed maintenance, resulted in the overall road condition decreasing in 2023. Currently, 41% of the roadway network is in Poor and Very Poor condition, which is also trending down from 2022.

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