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Workforce Well-Being Contributing Measures

These measures reflect data as of Q3-22.

Workforce Well-Being Contributing Measures

These measures reflect data as of Q3-22.


Number of opportunities employees have to interact with their wellness plan (ex. Flu shots).

10 opportunities. 

25 touchpoints were addressed in 2021, well surpassing the target of 10 touchpoints.


Number of wellness elements within their Wellness Program (ex. Social, Community, Emotional & Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Career). 

6 elements. 


Percentage of full-time County staff participating in Wellness Program. 

40% staff participation. 

This component did not meet its target and resulted in a yellow status rather than a green status. However, participation in the wellness program did increase from 2020 to 2021 from 25% participation to 33% participation. Therefore, even though performance in this area improved, the component only received 0.5 points instead of 1 point toward the overall measure score. 

Safety Program

Percentage of employees that have met the qualifications of the safety program by attending safety meetings and trainings within the safety year.

50% of employees participating

Emergency Response Training

Monthly training scenarios conducted at Arapahoe County owned / leased buildings.

12 trainings per year. 

In 2021, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) within the Sheriff’s Office complete 4 emergency response trainings (ERT) for County employees. This is 2 more trainings than in 2020, but below the target of 12 emergency response trainings resulting in a red status.

COVID-related closures and staffing-issues continue to make conducting trainings a challenge. In 2022, the OEM and Risk Management are increasing their partnership to better support the ERT process and improve performance for this measure. Additionally, and as COVID wanes, the ERT process hopes to reengage and increase ERT. 

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