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Responsible Spending Contributing Measures

These measures reflect data as of Q1-24.

Responsible Spending Contributing Measures

These measures reflect data as of Q1-24.

Structurally Balanced Budget

Ongoing operating revenues meet or exceed ongoing operating expenditures.

Ratio of expenditures/revenues is ≤ 1.

In 2022, the ratio of expenditures to revenues was 0.99 which is within the desired target for this measure.

Adequate Reserves

Ensures the County has appropriate level of reserves on hand.

Ratio of actual reserves to policy reserves is ≥ 1

Adequate reserves have consistently been greater than 1 since the creation of this performance measure. In 2022, the reserves were 3.40.

Diversification of Revenue
Revenue sources are diversified to the point that the County is not overly dependent on any one source.

The sum of the top 5 revenue sources ≤ 60% of total revenue for that year.

Strong growth in sales and use tax for Open Space following the pandemic and pandemic related inflation rates pushing up the TABOR growth rate for property tax and the increases in Child Welfare allocations and Centennial law enforcement contract has led to these 4 revenues accounting for about $73 million of the $144 million in overall revenue growth over the past 8 years. This concentrated growth in these areas as opposed to all of the other revenues has pushed the diversification percentage lower.

Bond Rating
The grade given to a bond indicating its credit quality.
AA or greater

The bond rating has been consistently AA since the creation of this measure.

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