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Job Growth

Job Growth

The total number of jobs added in Arapahoe County by the Economic Development Partners (EDP). The EDP includes Aurora Economic Development Council and Denver South Economic Development Partners. Jobs added by EDP include those new jobs directly attributable to EDP work.

Reflects the success of the EDP’s economic development efforts.

Low – The County provides funding to the EDP, but ultimately it is the EDP that directs the economic development initiatives.

In the face of continued pandemic throughout 2021, Arapahoe County’s Economic Development Partners remained instrumental in bringing in 3,786 new jobs that pay an average of $90,238 annually to the region. This is an increase of 24.4% over the prior period in new jobs added. This job growth is attributable to the efforts of Economic Development Partners, and added an aggregate of $341.6 million to the regional economy, contributing to increased demand for local goods and services, and contributing to the tax base that funds schools, law enforcement, firefighting and other services we depend on. 

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