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Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Process Improvement (PI) enables greater productivity and efficiency by encouraging a culture of continuous improvement within Arapahoe County. This measure gauges the number of projects completed annually across all department and offices.

Completing BPI projects allows Arapahoe County Government to create a culture of continuous improvement and address the challenges associated with resource scarcity and budgetary constraints.

High – The County decides whether or not to prioritize BPI and continue to fund the program.

Please note this measure is updated annually in Q3.

19 process improvement projects were completed in 2022. This is an increase of 2 projects from 2021. However, the target for this measure is to complete at least 20% more projects than the prior year. Therefore, this measure did not meet its target resulting in a yellow status for the overall measure. Data regarding time and hard dollar savings are still being finalized.

Legend: Meeting or exceeding target | Close to target | Below target | Data Pending

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