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Job Training Effectiveness

Job Training Effectiveness

The average annual earnings of clients of the Arapahoe/Douglas Works! workforce center (AD/Works). The average annual earnings of AD/Works clients are compared to the average annual earnings of all new hires in the area. The average annual earnings of all new hires in the area includes the earnings of Arapahoe/Douglas Works! clients.

Reflects the success of the AD/Works program.

Medium – Both Arapahoe County and Douglas County support and direct the initiatives of the AD/Works program.

The average wage for all new hires, including those from Arapahoe/Douglas Works! was $60,660. During the reference quarter, 2,799 people had exited from Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, and of these 2,333 persons were still working after six months at an average annual wage of $56,632.

While this figure is slightly below the average for all new hires during that timeframe, it is worth noting that those who come to Arapahoe/Douglas Works! for help in job search generally need that help. They may be ‘rusty’ in job search skills or have some barrier to success in the labor market.

It is a testament to the quality of services offered through Arapahoe/Douglas Works! that 1,360 (58.3%) of these exiters had at least one barrier to employment. This includes 360 persons who came to us with low income, seeking help in obtaining a good job, 308 persons with some disability, including 92 veterans with disabilities. In addition, 121 persons reporting justice involvement, 121 homeless individuals, 16 of whom were veterans, 111 who left public assistance when they entered employment. This exit group also included 61 new Americans, and of these 30 received help in learning English.

In a structurally scarce labor market, this shows the value Arapahoe/Douglas Works! offers to the region.

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