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Job Training Effectiveness

Job Training Effectiveness

The average annual earnings of clients of the Arapahoe/Douglas Works! workforce center (AD/Works). The average annual earnings of AD/Works clients are compared to the average annual earnings of all new hires in the area. The average annual earnings of all new hires in the area includes the earnings of Arapahoe/Douglas Works! clients.

Reflects the success of the AD/Works program.

Medium – Both Arapahoe County and Douglas County support and direct the initiatives of the AD/Works program.

Due to a lag in data available for this measure, the current period reported here is for Q3 2021. While performance was below target for Q3 2021, there was a slight improvement from Q2 2021.

During Q3 2021, many retail, restaurant and hotel workers were being called back to work, and though higher wages were used in some cases to lure them back , people did go back to without the lure of higher wages. Additionally, the federal pandemic-driven unemployment insurance subsidies had ended or were ending. 

For these reasons, people who had been displaced from lower wage jobs in service industries went back to work, either in their old jobs or in similar ones. This was part of the post-pandemic normalization of the metro economy. This phenomenon may continue for another reference quarter or two, but will almost certainly return to better results during reference quarters through 2022.

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