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Job Growth

The total number of jobs added in Arapahoe County by the Economic Development Partners (EDP). The EDP includes Aurora Economic Development Council and Denver South Economic Development Partners. Jobs added by EDP include those new jobs directly attributable to EDP work.

Reflects the success of the EDP’s economic development efforts.

Low – The County provides funding to the EDP, but ultimately it is the EDP that directs the economic development initiatives.

In calendar year 2019, economic development partners (EDPs) added 2,920 new jobs in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. These new jobs generated an additional $249.3 million in worker earnings. Since Arapahoe County provided $175,000 to its EDPs in 2019, this means that for every $1 Arapahoe County invested in economic development, the return was $1,406. 

The county target for new jobs added is 3,655. We fell below target in 2019.

Legend: Meeting or exceeding target | Close to target | Below target | Data Pending

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